Burg Battle

Burg Battle is a reverse tower defense game by ElevenSeventy. Send your armies to clash with your enemies, destroy their castle, and conquer their lands. Play online with your friends or offline with bots. Level up your god, customize your talents, and destroy your enemies. Choose from one of two unique races. Each race has their own units, abilities, and talent tree. 




The footman is the basic melee unit for the human race. It features high health and the ability to take out ranged units in several hits. The footman can be upgraded to the Knight, which features increased health, speed, and damage.


The archer excels at attacking units from afar. It deals high damage to low armor units. The archer can be upgraded to a Longbowman, providing increased range, damage, and a chance to critically strike for double damage.


Wizards are the magic units for the human race and are very versatile. After creating the Arcaneum building you can choose whether it creates fire, ice, or arcane wizards. Fire wizards excel at taking down groups of enemies with their exploding fireballs. Ice wizards cast frostbolt, which slows the speed of advancing units. Arcane wizards shoot powerful magic missiles which deal high amounts of damage to a single target, perfect for taking down high health units.

Paladin/Holy Seeker

Paladins are the powerhouse melee unit for the human race. They deal high bludgeoning damage and can take out low armor and high armor units quickly. They feature high health and are hard to take down. The paladin can be upgraded to the holy seeker unit, which deals even more damage, and will resurrect after death with half health to continue the crusade.


The altar is a powerful building allowing the race to cast spells in exchange for an offering of gold. A wide variety of spells are available, including the ability to kill all units in an area, double your unit production for one wave, spawn a group of units, poison all enemy units, increase your units’ attack damage and speed, and heal all allied units. This valuable building gives you the ability to react to changing tides, or push your advantage.